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3D Printing Crowns and Bridge

Material: High-performance chrome-cobalt-molybdenum alloy, Wirobond C+ from Bego™ (USA)


Method: Laser Metal Fusion Technique

  • Focused laser beam solidifies metal powder to form crowns and bridge in laser sintering system.

  • In the Laser Metal Fusion process, a laser source is selectively melting a thin layer of metal powder, typically about 15 to 50 nm thick (1mm = 1000nm); a process that evolves from the bottom to the top, layer by layer.




  • High accuracy with +/- 20 microns. 

  • Minimum thickness of metal is 0.2 so as to achieving greater aesthetic than conventional PFM

  • Bonding strength with porcelain is better than Titanium and similar to yellow-gold metal

  • Even thickness of metal lowers the weight of C&B

  • Avoid high temperature oxidation and Prevent casting micro porosity as whole process is under closed Neon Gas Chamber

  • Less likely to warp or deform

  • Free of Nickel

  • No black margin after installing for many years



Crowns and bridge, and even full mouth Implant Bridge (exclude abutments)

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