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Model Scanning

  1. Optimized processing speed – creates faster performance and better scanning workflows for several indications – Shortens waiting time between creating orders and starting the scan, and enables technicians to begin next scan without having to wait for post-processing.

  2. Calibrated Transfer-plates solution – enables the precise capture of the bite and the model’s position in the articulator to save a step in the workflow. Works with any articulator.

  3. Impression scanning – Multi-line scanning  improves coverage and performance for accurate scanning of impressions to enable restorative design without the need to pour gypsum models.

  4. All-in-One scanning of triple-tray impressions – Special mount enables triple-tray scanning capture of upper, lower and bite in one scan.

  5. Improved workflows for single-tray impressions – Provides support for single tray impression scanning including bite alignment.

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