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Vitallium Chrome Framework

Material: Dentsply Vitallium 2000+ ™ CoCr alloy



  • Superior Strength - The high fracture resistance of Vitallium 2000 alloys enables us to fabricate lighter, more refined partials for improved esthetics and greater patient comfort.

  • Predictability and Precise Fit - Vitallium 2000 alloys have a higher elongation value than the original Vitallium alloy, resulting in a partial framework that permits predictable adjustments with unprecedented fracture resistance. Quite simply, Vitallium 2000 alloys adjust like gold with no fear of deformation for a precise fit. ​Resists permanent deformation.

  • High Surface Luster - Vitallium alloys maintain a high luster and resist plaque. This ensures that patients can easily and effectively clean their partial dentures

  • Biocompatibility - Vitallium alloys are nickel and beryllium-free

  • Smaller, lighter partial dentures

  • Excellent chairside adjustabiliy for fewer patient visits

  • The most predictable adjustments

  • Least abrasive to opposing dentition

  • Resists plaque build-up

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